As a part of RCA at Danvers, you will be joining the forefront of the battle against addiction and directly contribute to our efforts to bring high quality, affordable addiction treatment to Massachusetts.

RCA at Danvers opened in 2016 and was the fourth RCA treatment facility to open. Since then, it has gone through an extensive process of improvements and we think the results speak for themselves. RCA at Danvers has grown into a beautiful, state of the art facility filled with innovative treatments and compassionate addiction treatment professionals. It sports one of the best employee engagement scores in all of RCA.

A Day in the Life



One of the keys to the success for RCA at Danvers is great management. Its management team has a proven track record of high quality addiction treatment. At RCA, we believe that strong leadership isn’t just great for the company, it’s also an opportunity to learn from the best and grow as a professional.

Interim CEO
Kat Stevens

Kat Stevens, Interim CEO

Kat Stevens is the current CEO of Recovery Centers of America at Westminster and Interim CEO of Recovery Centers of America at Danvers. She has a BS in Psychology with a concentration in Women’s Studies and an MA in Counseling Psychology with concentrations in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Child & Family Interventions and is a Massachusetts Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). With over 13 years of experience in Behavior Healthcare, including 10 years of working especially with substance use and co-occurring disorder treatments, Kat has provided leadership in multiple modalities of treatment, including acute treatment services, inpatient and residential services, and community-based support professionals. In recognition of her outstanding achievements, Kat was awarded 40 under 40 Top Leader by the Worcester Business Journal.

Kat’s background is in project management, clinical treatment, direct care, training facilitation, and quality improvement, with clinical experience in CBT, suicidality assessment, motivational interviewing, group, individual, community-based, and family therapies. She also has experience working with diverse populations, such as trauma survivors, LGBTQI, adolescents, adults, and families. Stevens provides quality, patient-centered, individualized treatment to help engage and support patients and their families in a safe, therapeutic environment.

Chief Medical Officer
Heidi Ginter, MD

Heidi Ginter, MD - Chief Medical Officer

Graduated from Yale University and earned her doctorate at the University of Maryland School of Medicine

Director of Nursing
Janine Gilchrist

Janine Gilchrist, Director of Nursing

Former Senior Director of Nursing Services, Regional Clinical & Quality Outcomes Manager, Nursing Supervisor and Nurse Manager, and Regional Discharge Manager

Executive Director
Eli Naparstek

Eli Naparstek, Executive Director

Graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling, alongside of a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Hartford


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I’ve never worked in a place where all employees are there for the same reason- the patients. I love getting to know each patient and watching them transform over 28 days! The management helps as much as they can and are very easy to talk to.
Danvers is a great place to work!”

LPN Staff Nurse @ Danvers, MA

RCA at Danvers has a great team. The staff all work well together & are very helpful. They provide an excellent orientation program for new employees. Very pleasant environment. The salary & benefits are very competitive in comparison to other health care organizations.”

Director of Nursing @ Danvers, MA

People are on a mission here and it is wonderful to work with so many who correctly look at this as more than a job because it is! Incredible resources and innovation! Many motivated, hard working peers. We really ARE saving lives! Culture is serious but also casual and many here make themselves available 24/7. There is a tremendous effort to lead with respect for patients that is all too lacking still at so many other places.”

Employee @ Danvers, MA